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Jun 05

Wild Trout Trust Auction winners

Omagh Anglers Association sponsored a lot in the Wild Trout Trust auction to help raise funds for the charity. The winner of the lot which was two days fishing for two rods one day guided took up their prize on the 19th May 2012. The two gentlemen had an enormously successful day with many trout …

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Apr 21

Recent Press Reports

I can confirm that two members of Omagh Anglers Association did travel to the River Dart to view an Archimedes Screw in operation. Several concerns were pointed out on the day to Councillors and to the person who owned the hydro (privately owned). 

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Mar 16

Omagh Hydro, new picture of shoaling and dry weirs

Now what Mr Salmon, where to now? You all will probably have seen pictures of the upper section shown here, with plenty of water flowing through it. The picture here shows what happened when the water was diverted to the hydro. There was nothing left to go over the weirs and it shows the full …

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Feb 16

AGM 23rd February 2012

Don’t forget the AGM is on next week the 23rd February in Omagh Library at 7.30pm sharp. All members are welcome but the meeting is open only to members. Please come along , show your support for your club and help produce future policy for Omagh Anglers Association. This will be the 69th AGM . …

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Jan 23

Catch and Release not on the way in 2012!!

In a recent consultation with the Loughs Agency I have been informed that Catch and release will not be happening on the Mourne system in 2012.  There will be a reduction in the number of tags but we are unsure as to what number yet!! As a Club we will have to give something back …

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Jan 16

No To Salmon Nets

Omagh Anglers Association is very much in support of the No to Salmon Nets campaign but we are not the lead group in this. Mr S Donnelly is the leading light in this campaign highlighting the issue to all who will listen. We have previously highlighted the online petition for this group and in no …

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Nov 23

Omagh Anglers Association Letter to the Loughs Agency

On behalf of Omagh Anglers Association  I corresponded with Mr Anderson about the Loughs Agency stance on catch and release. I queried the methods being used to introduce this policy and also suggested some alternative suggestions about the way forward whereby we can all work together for the betterment of the Foyle system in general …

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Nov 11

Catch and Release on the way!!!!

At a sometimes very heated meeting between the Committee of Omagh Anglers and John Mc Cartney of the Loughs Agency ,Mr Mc Cartney revealed that his preferred method in dealing with the declining numbers of salmon that his counter at Sion Mills was able to verify is Catch and Release. To date his counter only …

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Nov 07

Fish Kill on the Owenreagh River June 2010

Pollution Case near Fintona At a sitting of Omagh Court on the 12th August 2011, Mr Desmond Moore from 12 Corryglass Road, Fintona was fined for causing deleterious matter to enter the Barr River near Fintona, Co Tyrone. Loughs Agency Fishery Officers were made aware of the pollution incident after an anonymous call on the …

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Nov 02


Can I please remind all anglers to return their unused tags and catch returns as soon as possible to the Loughs Agency Headquarters in Prehen. It is important to do so as the introduction of Catch And Release next year may depend on these returns. If we don’t do it and it may help then …

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