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Bailiffs 2018

The Bailiffs are here to protect the fishing for paid up members and visitors, they should not be harassed when carrying out their duties. Afford them the respect they deserve as they protect the fishing for the members

Shane Colgan, Brian Mc Gillion, Tommy Quinn, R Hannigan

Norman Hall, Bob Mc Farland, Robbie Kerrigan, Richard Donnell

Paul Donaldson, Anthony Lyttle, Maurice Kelly, 

Remember that all Club members if out fishing can approach another angler to see an Omagh Anglers permit ,but he /she must also produce their own permit when doing so.

All members please note, If a member of the Loughs Agency ask to see your licence you MUST show it to them, the Club has a service level agreement with the Loughs Agency to check our permits! To not show your licence is seen as obstruction and may result in suspension from Omagh Anglers Association!