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Guides and Ghillies

Guides and Ghillies

A Guide or Ghillie can be the difference between having a
successful day on the river or perhaps a more frustrating experience! If you
are a visitor you may wish to engage a local expert who can judge the
prevailing conditions and decide where you will have the best chance for a fish
or two and what flies to use etc.

A modest sum invested with your ghillie/ guide will help you
enjoy the river, get a feel for the area and make a friend for life.

Further information on the Omagh Anglers Association,
including the provision of guides, permits and licences can be obtained from:

CA Andersons 64 Market Street Omagh   028 8224 2311

Or alternatively use the contact page on this
website.The Club has several qualified guides as members holding the National Angling
Guide Certificate and three Level 2 Angling Coaches





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