Jan 31

2018 75th Annual General Meeting Omagh Library 7:30pm

We had a good turnout of 75 members on the evening of the AGM and the members enjoyed the light refreshments served by Mairead and her girls. The evening went well and after the Secretarys and Treasurers report we discussed other business. We launched the funding plane for two local charities this year which can be found in another post . The Air Ambulance Service and the Palliative care ward in the Omagh hospital were going to be the two beneficiaries.
We also discussed the upcoming change in the permit fees and also the fact that we needed to have compulsory returns introduced. The catch and return date was voted on and it was agreed by a majority decision that 1st October would again be the date that our waters went to catch and release status(See further post). Anthony Lyttle received Club person of the year award.
With no further business the meeting closed at 10pm.
Terry Smithson
Honorary Secretary

Terry Smithson (Secretary) Freddie Spratt (Chairman)Ivan Grieve (Treasurer) at the Clubs AGM on the 22nd Feb 2018

A Lyttle receiving the Hall / Killoran Cup from Norman Hall and Freddie Spratt