Mar 09

Drumragh River

Unfortunately over the close season a few members of Omagh Anglers decided to take some stretches of the Drumragh for themselves.
This Group already had Campbells or Adams Flats as it used to be known. Then the group took on Mc Laughlns even though the Club had talked to Sean Mc Laughlin about it. This was confirmed in August of 2012. 6 days after the season ended we had it confirmed that this same group of men had taken Mc Creas off the Club, this is the meadow on the opposite bank over the footbridge at the Dry Arch.

With this news ,Members of the committee renegotiated rents and leases with the rest of the Drumragh landowners to try and safeguard the rest of the fishing. This was, in the most successful with the exception of Mr R Mc Kinleys, who has not informed the club what he wants to do yet, we have met twice with him now. Mc Kinleys is the field below the burn at Knoxs. Knoxs still belongs to Omagh Anglers Association. The rest of the Drumragh is still under the control of Omagh Anglers including a stretch on the Owenreagh up to Ballynahatty Bridge.

The members concerned were barred from club membership!