Mar 13

The 2012 Season

Firstly, I have had a response from the Loughs Agency re the nets on the Foyle system. . There are no nets operating on the Foyle at the minute due to the River Finn still being Catch and Release. There are stil approx 28 licensed netsmen but all netting is suspended. No Compensation is being paid to the suspended netsmen although there was a one of payment to approx 130 netsmen back in 2007 . Those that accepted the payment are no longer able to net and those that didn’t take the payment ie the 28 legal netsmen will not get any payment unless there is another voluntary buyout!!

This year on Omagh Anglers Association waters it has been decided that Anglers are recommended to use only 1 blue tag and 5 black tags in the interests of Conservation of salmon. Catch and release methods should be used after this. As Anglers we have a duty of care to try and help declining salmon numbers. With this in mind all Omagh Anglers Association waters will this year close on the 10th of October 2012. We respectfully ask all members to abide with the clubs recommendations to try and assist in turning around the massive fall in salmon numbers in our systems.

I wish all anglers a succesful year and hope that our measures may help in some way to stop the decline.